Canadian Buyers

Attention Canadian Buyers

Sound Ford is happy to assist you in your purchase. Here are some key points to be aware of...

Getting to Sound Ford: If you'll be flying here, we are located just a few miles from SeaTac International Airport just south of Seattle, Washington, and we are happy to pick you up at the airport, assuming we have advance notice. Or, we're just off Interstate 5, if you plan on driving here. We're approximately a 3 hour drive south from the US / Canadian border.

Paperwork: For information on importing vehicles into Canada please go to this site... //

Financing: While we cannot finance vehicles for customers across the border, you can arrange financing at your local lender in Canada and have the monies wired to us once you've elected to make a purchase.

Used Vehicle purchases: Please be sure that we have the physical title (not just an electronic title) here for the vehicle you're considering.

New Ford Sale Prices: Our sale prices listed at our website are specific to US residents who live in the Northwest Region, as they include US rebates and regional discount packages from Ford. US residents in other regions and Canadian residents will have need to adjust pricing, as noted below...

1. Some new Ford vehicles on our lot have regional discounts from Ford Motor Company. Regional discounts are only available to

US residents who reside in the Northwest Region and would not be available to other US residents in different regions or

Canadian buyers. These regional discounts are listed on the factory window sticker, which we show for each new vehicle for

sale on our website.

2. Rebates shown at our website are only available to US residents who reside in the Northwest Region.

We look forward to assisting you with your purchase. We've been doing business here for 35 years, and certainly appreciate our neighbors to the north.

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